The principles of green chemistry are to eliminate material waste, reduce energy consumption, and maximize use of renewable and sustainable feedstock. Biofuels, derived from renewable feedstock, is an emerging green chemistry with significant economic potential because of its impact on the largest user of liquid hydrocarbons, the transportation fuel market. However, to succeed in the energy marketplace as an alternative green chemical product, the production process must be efficient to be competitive.


Under a sponsored research and commercialization agreement with The Pennsylvania State University (PSU), the Company is commercializing processes to improve chemical reactions. The first step is the improved production of biofuels . The patent pending, proprietary process produces biofuels more efficiently with fewer process steps and less hazardous waste. These advanced processes offer significant production savings over existing technologies.


The company's relationship with PSU extends beyond this single research for which it will continue to foster in developing new and innovative opportunities for both organizations.


Innovative technologies and advanced processes of renewable fuels and alternative energy provide energy solutions which improve profitability and market share without the need for extensive infrastructure development.


Achieving this mission creates the opportunity for alternative energies to meet ever-growing energy demands and fulfill government mandates.