A E Resources is a privately owned, Pennsylvania corporation which was formed to provide creative alternative energy solutions including the commercialization of advanced biofuel manufacturing technologies.

As an alternative energy solution provider A E Resources Inc. (AER) is commercializing and marketing advances in energy and fuel production technologies.








Advances in Green Chemistry


A E Resources is developing technologies in Green Chemistry that improve process efficiencies by enhancing reaction rates while reducing material wastes. These technologies fall into a broad category of reaction intensification technologies. These intensification technologies include: 


Supercritical fluids,

Energy assisted reactions, and

Catalysis dynamics







Today's unprecedented global demand for energy has lead to the development of technologies that supplement current fossil fuel supplies in an effort to directly address the supply/demand imbalances and high prices that have resulted from the increased demand. On a longer-term basis, renewable energy will replace diminishing fossil energy reserves. The inevitable shift to renewable fuels will create enormous opportunities for companies who have the foresight to invest in the production of renewable fuels, renewable energy and the raw material that produce them.